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eHRSuite brings cloud-based, fully featured workforce management software to your company.

How Can eHRSuite Help You?

We take care of technology infrastructure so you can focus on what's important to your business success.

Saves you time and effort

Data is never entered in more than one place. Automated processes move the data between locations seamlessly.

This is going to make our lives so much easier!! I have to say again, what a pleasure it has been working with both of you and how glad I am that we partnered with you. I so much appreciate how you really listen to your customer’s needs and then how you implement them so quickly.

Eliminates paper

All forms and data are captured and stored on-line. Employee-signed documents are converted to PDFs and saved indefinitely so you can access them quickly with the click of a button.

you will be impressed by the simplicity and usefulness of the solution.

Easy to customize

HR forms can be easily inserted, moved and deleted in the employee workflow process. The new hire "wizard" is flexible enough to accomodate all new hire forms and processes ensuring compliance across all units in the organization.

We are so pleased to be able to define exactly what forms our new hires see and how they should be filled out.

Ensures compliance

Every unit within your organization sees the same screens leading to more consistency in the way employees are managed.

We no longer have to worry that the I9 is completed correctly, with appropriate supporting documents, and on time. eHR does all of that for us.

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